A Family Split Set Gopal Snacks On Road To An IPO — NDTV Profit Exclusive

Gopal Snacks is the story of a small entrepreneur making it big in a market estimated to be worth Rs 80,000 crore and growing at a healthy pace.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Gopal Snacks' manufacturing facility in Rajkot (Photo: Vijay Sartape/NDTV Profit)</p></div>
Gopal Snacks' manufacturing facility in Rajkot (Photo: Vijay Sartape/NDTV Profit)
India's stock-market boom is drawing an ever-growing tribe of entrepreneurs to take their businesses public. But Rajkot's Bipin Hadvani, 57, wouldn't have gone down that road if it weren't for a family setback.Hadvani has built a successful Rs 1,400-crore business of traditional Gujarati savouries in Gopal Snacks Pvt. But two years ago, his relationship soured with his elder and shareholder brother Prafulchandra Hadvani, who exited t...
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