NDTV Profit was launched on 17 January, 2005 and is a 24-hour business news channel that has established benchmarks for simple, clear and transparent reporting in the world of business. Besides vast coverage of the daily stock market action, it is well watched for its breaking news and incisive reporting on economic and corporate developments. The channel was launched by the NDTV Group to tap the market opportunity in the English business news segment, to extend its existing portfolio and to leverage on existing skill sets and competencies within the group. Headquartered in Mumbai for easy accessibility to industry stalwarts and for enabling itself to provide news on as is where is basis, NDTV Profit has a dedicated team of journalists and news anchors led by industry bigwigs.

The major chunk of NDTV Profit’s content includes reports from the stock market, interviews with experts from markets and banking apart from corporate honchos, corporate earnings, tracking market indices, advice on personal finance and the stock market and phone-in programmes.

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