How To Change Nominee In EPF?

Do you know how to change your nominee in EPF? Read on to know the details.

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Source: Twitter @socialepfo

It is crucial for Employees' Provident Fund (EPF) account holders to name a beneficiary, i.e. have an EPF nominee in their accounts. This is done so that in the case of the account holder's passing, the beneficiary can quickly and conveniently collect the funds. The names that were first suggested might need to be modified in some cases. EPF members can now amend their current EPF nomination online and submit a new submission for this through the EPFO's official website,

An EPF member can update their EPF nominations online through the EPFO UAN portal without the need to ask their employer to do so.

The Provident Fund Regulatory Authority announced earlier this year that EPFO users could modify their EPF account nominations. The new EPF nomination will take precedence over the current nomination, and it will be taken as the final nomination. Here is what the EPFO tweeted:

“#EPF Members can file new nomination to change existing EPF/#EPS nomination.”

How To Change A Nominee In EPF?

In the past, changing an EPF nomination required submitting Form 2, which was forwarded to the EPFO by the employer. A nomination for the EPF can now be altered online. Here are the steps:

  • Step 1: Access EPFO at

  • Step 2: From the drop-down menu under the Service tab, select the For Employees tab

  • Step 3: Enter the captcha code shown together with your UAN and password to log in

  • Step 4: Choose E-Nomination from the Manage menu.

    Note: You must update your profile image in order to set a new nomination or edit an existing nominee. In order to continue, make sure you update your profile photo.

  • Step 5: If you haven't already, update the address page

  • Step 6: Choose Yes to modify your family statement

  • Step 7: Enter all of the nominee's information

  • Step 8: You can optionally enter further candidate information before selecting the Save Family Details button.

  • Step 9: Then click on Nomination Details to view the total number of shares

  • Step 10: Select Save EPF Nomination. When you click on the notice that reads, "Successful EPF nomination saved," you can view the specifics of your nomination. Please take note that your nomination will then be listed as pending.

  • Step 11: On the pop-up message, choose the e-Sign symbol and then click on Proceed

  • Step 12: Generate a Virtual ID and check the box after entering it

  • Step 13: Enter your Aadhaar or virtual ID number now

  • Step 14: Input and submit the OTP. Your Aadhaar card's linked phone number will receive an OTP. Once you enter the OTP, you can view the information on the successful nomination.

Employee provident fund deductions are required in India for salaried workers who are employed by organisations that have enrolled with the Employees' Provident Fund. Each Member shall designate a candidate or nomination to be entitled to the assets of the Fund in the event of the Member's early death. Therefore, it is essential to maintain your nomination information current to prevent any future legal complications for your loved ones. Additionally, one must connect their Aadhaar and EPF before beginning the process.