Rajiv Luthra, An Emperor Among Men

Luthra personified kindness and large-heartedness, he went out of his way to help absolutely anyone.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Rajiv Luthra, founder &amp; managing partner, Luthra &amp; Luthra. (Image: Luthra &amp; Luthra website)</p></div>
Rajiv Luthra, founder & managing partner, Luthra & Luthra. (Image: Luthra & Luthra website)

The Indian law firm industry has lost its beacon, Rajiv Luthra. As we all grapple with this insurmountable loss, we are reminded of the immense love and respect that Luthra came to command in his almost four decade long journey in the profession.

As I write this obituary for my boss of over (just) five years, I am reminded of the multiple ways he touched not just my life but hundreds of others. Above all of his wonderful traits, his indomitable spirit, boundless kindness and large-heartedness and larger-than-life personality stand out.

No amount of personal or professional setbacks would daunt him. From braving a year long battle with a gruesome accident that left his body almost torn into two to the recent departures of several members of the firm he so painstakingly built, he endured it all and, each time, came out on top.

Perhaps it was his tendency for winning each time life dealt him a horrible hand that all of us who loved him thought that this recent illness was just another such game which he would, eventually, win! But God had other plans this time.

Every single leading Indian law firm, several leading senior advocates and corporate counsel have, like never before, penned glowing social media tributes and have sent the loveliest of messages in condolence of Luthra's passing—a clear testament to the immense respect he enjoyed within the Indian legal community.

Luthra personified kindness and large-heartedness. I recall how he went out of his way to help absolutely anyone (and not just persons known to him) during the pandemic—be it helping find beds or oxygen—he mobilised all resources at his disposal to help in any way could.

In fact, such was his resourcefulness, that it would be impossible to go to any corner of the globe and not bump into a "friend of Rajiv".

His ways of connecting at a personal level were unmatched. I'm reminded of the messages he would send to all in the firm (as also alumni of the firm and it's clients) before a spouse's birthday or their wedding anniversaries: "yaad hai?" (an endearing and thoughtful way of reminding somebody of a special occasion)!

As someone said to me, he was an "emperor among men". I'm sure he's now sitting at the head of the table in heaven, regaling all with his stories on Earth with a glass of the best single malt in one hand and a pipe in the other.

Protect your turf, God, for you have a competitor —shouldn't have taken him away so soon!

Jay Parikh is partner, Luthra and Luthra Law Offices India

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