Calculate how much you need to save or how much you will accumulate with our SIP return calculator.
Total Value 6,82,89,441.52
  • Invested Amount 6,00,00,000
  • Estimated Returns 82,89,441.52

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

People who are new to investments, or mutual funds in general, might think that SIP is either the same as mutual funds or completely unrelated. None of this is true. In fact, the Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is just an easier, periodic method of investing in mutual funds.

Traditionally when an individual wanted to invest in mutual funds, they would invest with a lumpsum amount. However, SIP allows you to make investments in mutual funds with smaller amounts at regular intervals. You can choose to invest monthly, quarterly or even weekly.

Currently, the mutual funds market has four different types of SIPs, they are:

1. Flexible SIP: If you’re worried about investing a fixed amount every month, go for a Flexible SIP. It allows you to make changes to your SIP investment amount depending on the cash at hand, in that specific month.

2. Step-up/Top-up SIP: If you don’t earn much now, but want to increase your SIP investments as you grow in your career, opt for Step-up or Top/up SIP. Here, you can increase your SIP investment amounts at fixed intervals.

3. Perpetual SIP: Usually, you fix a certain tenure or end date for your SIP investment. However, Perpetual SIP continues indefinitely without any pre-specified end date.

4. Trigger SIP: This SIP is more suited to people who understand the market’s functioning. It alters your investment amount based on certain trigger events that you mention while starting your SIP.

NDTV Profit SIP Calculator

The BQ SIP calculator or mutual fund calculator is a simple online financial tool, that will help you to get an estimate on the kind of returns you can expect on your mutual fund investments made via SIP. SIP has become extremely popular among new investors, and so have SIP calculators.

BQ SIP Calculator is specially designed to give potential mutual fund investors an idea about the returns they can earn on their investments. It efficiently calculates and presents an estimate according to the details filled in by the user.

Formula To Calculate SIP Returns

The SIP calculator works on a complex formula. Given below is the formula used by the SIP amount calculator:

M = P × ({[1 + i]n – 1} / i) × (1 + i).

In this formula, ‘M’ stands for the amount you will receive upon maturity of your SIP, while ‘P’ represents the amount you invest at regular intervals. Meanwhile, ‘n’ is the number of payments you will make during the duration of your SIP, and ‘i’ is the periodic rate of interest.

For example, if you invest ₹10,000 per month for a duration of 11 years, and your expected return rate is 12%, you will have invested ₹13,20,000 by the end of your tenure. During this period, you are expected to earn ₹14,26,148 in the form of returns, with your total amount on maturity being ₹27,46,148.

Now, if you were to calculate this manually, it’ll take up a lot of time. Moreover, since interest rates on mutual funds tend to change according to the changing market, you might have to calculate this again and again. Hence, it is always advisable to use the NDTV Profit SIP calculator.

How To Use NDTV Profit Online SIP Calculator?

Using the NDTV Profit SIP calculator is a very simple process. Just follow the steps mentioned below and you’ll see your projected returns displayed on the screen.

1. Scroll up to the NDTV Profit SIP Calculator.

2. Enter/adjust the amount you wish to invest every month as a part of your SIP, expected return rate on a particular mutual fund that you plan to invest in, time period, tenure, or the number of years you plan to maintain your SIP.

3. Once you enter these details, the screen will display a well-calculated estimate based on the details provided by you.

The result will show you the total amount which will be invested during your SIP period, the total of the estimated returns you can get at the end of the investment period, and the total amount including investment amount and returns.

Why Use The NDTV Profit SIP Calculator?

1. NDTV Profit SIP Calculator is an extremely helpful tool for individuals who are new to investing and are trying to enter the market with periodic investments with SIP. Enlisted below are some reasons why you should be using the NDTV Profit Systematic Investment Plan Calculator:

2. It’s less time-consuming than any alternative.

3. It gives you accurate results as compared to manual calculation.

4. It tells you the total amount you’ll be investing throughout the tenure of your SIP.

5. It gives an estimated value of the expected returns

6. It helps you determine your investment amount based on your return goals.