How An Agri Trader Is Turning Into India's No. 2 Winemaker

Fratelli Wines, India's second-largest wine manufacturer, is poised for a discreet stock market debut through an acquisition deal with Tinna Trade Ltd.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Fratelli Wines. (Source: Company Website)</p></div>
Fratelli Wines. (Source: Company Website)
A little-known trader of farm commodities is transforming into India's No. 2 winemaker.Tinna Trade Ltd., a BSE-listed company with a market cap of Rs 69 crore, will acquire Fratelli Wines Pvt., the maker of J’NOON range, to become the second largest maker of wines in the country in a share-swap deal. The transaction between the two companies with at least one common promoter would make Fratelli a wholly owned subsidiary of Tinna Trad...
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