Anand Mahindra Proudly Tweets After NYT Food Critic Gives A Rare 3-Star Rating To A Restaurant in Manhattan

Anand Mahindra praises Rohit Khattar and Rishav Khattar for their exceptional work in the hospitality industry.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Source: Indian Accent Twitter</p></div>
Source: Indian Accent Twitter

Lately, social media has become a medium for millions to connect with each other across the world. Even huge celebrities and businessmen interact with their followers via these mediums on a regular basis. One such famous personality who constantly shares his views on social media and connects with his audience is the chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra.

Anand Mahindra’s Twitter is known for his wit and humour. But at the same time, this Indian billionaire also shares his insights on recent events, social media trends and more. This time around, he’s talking about a restaurant based in Manhattan, New York, rated 3 stars by the New York Times.

Anand Mahindra’s Twitter Thread

A stunning 3-star review in the New York Times is what directed Anand Mahindra's attention towards the Manhattan-based French-Austrian restaurant. In a 4-tweet thread, Mahindra talked about some incredible restaurants around the world and the two people behind all this success.

Sharing an article from the New York Times, Mahindra talked about how a food critic from the publication gave glowing reviews for a French-Austrian restaurant, Koloman.

He started the thread by informing people about how this restaurant was awarded 3 stars by a New York Times food critic. Then went on to say that the restaurant’s concept was actually created by EHV International, which is promoted by Rohit Khattar from India.

In the second Tweet, Mahindra talked about another restaurant, Hosa(Goa), which is the brainchild of Rohit Khattar & his son Rishiv Khattar. Located in an old Goan bungalow at Siolim, Hosa is a restaurant that serves South Indian cuisine. According to Mahindra, even Hosa opened to some great reviews.

Then Anand Mahindra goes on to remind us why Rohit Khattar seemed like such a familiar name - because of the ever-flourishing restaurant chain: Indian Accent. Sharing an article from CNN about the restaurant chain, Mahindra informs his followers that Indian Accent restaurants can be currently found in Delhi and New York. And soon they’ll be opening up a restaurant in Mumbai as well.

Anand Mahindra followed up this information with the fact that the buzzing restaurant and concept store in Gurgaon, Comorin, is also one of Rohit & Rishiv Khattar’s projects. Comorin serves some finger-licking comfort food and is a favourite among its patrons.

In the last and final tweet in this thread, Anand Mahindra gives “Full Disclosure” that he’s “a proud investor in EHV International since its inception.” The billionaire also adds that the “astonishing achievement of opening a successful French restaurant in the world’s most demanding market,” is what made him feel that the duo deserve much wider recognition.

All Restaurants Under EHV International

EHV International is a division of Old World Hospitality that is responsible for restaurants like Indian Accent, Comorin and others. It is a hospitality group that creates and manages innovative restaurant concepts across the world.

Currently, this division has 3 restaurants in India and 2 in New York. In India, you have Indian Accent in New Delhi, Comorin in Gurugram and HOSA in Goa. Whereas, in New Your, there’s an Indian Accent as well as a Koloman. Moreover, the Indian Accent restaurant chain is also planning to open up a franchise in Mumbai’s Jio World Centre by the year 2023.

EHV International also has a luxury catering division which provides the Indian Accent experience at private events and events. So, the next time you hear of these restaurants, remember the names of the people behind them, Rohit Khattar and his son Rishav Khattar.

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