Man Locked Inside Vande Bharat Express While Helping Wife, Embarks On Unplanned Journey

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Image source: X/@imkosha/@RailMinIndia</p></div>
Image source: X/@imkosha/@RailMinIndia

In an unexpected turn of events for a Gujarat couple, a man who had stepped on board the Vande Bharat Express to help his wife with her luggage found himself locked inside the train. The incident unfolded on the train's Vadodara to Mumbai run.

Their daughter, who uses the handle @imkosha, recounted her parents' unexpected "premium journey" aboard the high-speed train on social media. The post has garnered more than a million views on X with amused reactions from most users.

Kosha said her mother was travelling for the first time on the Vande Bharat Express. As she had a lot of luggage, her father stepped aboard the train to arrange his wife's bags and ensure she was seated comfortably.

However, things soon took an unexpected twist as the automated doors of the train closed. Despite his frantic efforts to alert the authorities and halt the train's departure, he was informed by the ticket collector that it was too late, and the train had already caught speed.

Kosha wrote both her parents ended up travelling on the Vande Bharat for the first time. Her dad got off at the next station, Surat, while her mom continued till Mumbai.

Kosha's post, accompanied by a screenshot of her WhatsApp conversation with her father, where he shared a selfie with his wife, quickly gained traction on social media.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Source: X/@iamkosha</p></div>

Source: X/@iamkosha

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