X's Community Notes: Musk's Anti-Disinformation Tool Arrives in India

NDTV Profit breaks down what Community Notes entail and how they function.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>The Twitter logo on a smartphone. (Photographer: Gabby Jones/Bloomberg)</p></div>
The Twitter logo on a smartphone. (Photographer: Gabby Jones/Bloomberg)

In 2022, Elon Musk bought out social media platform Twitter, and rebranded it as X. The billionaire has unveiled a number of new initiatives and features on the platform since, including 'Community Notes', which has now become available in India.

Community Notes serves as X's fact-checking platform, enabling users to provide context for posts on the social media platform, in an effort to stop the spread of misleading information. Since its first release in the US, the feature has been made available in 69 more countries.

Disinformation and fake news already plague India, as information is forwarded without authorisation. With general elections due in less than a month, even the Election Commission has launched its "Myth Vs Reality" microsite to combat the spread of misleading information.

NDTV Profit breaks down what Community Notes entail and how they function.

What Are Community Notes?

Community Notes, in straightforward terms, is a feature on X where users can add labels to posts, in a move towards minimising misinformation.

"Community Notes aims to create a better-informed world, by empowering people on X to collaboratively add helpful notes to posts that might be misleading," says a description on X.

Most of the notes have been "rated highly on accuracy by professional reviewers", X said. "It has been rare to find a note that reviewers agree is inaccurate."

Who Can Contribute?

A person should be an X user for at least six months and should not violate any terms of X for at least over a year period.

Users on X can sign up to write and rate notes. "People everywhere can now see and rate notes, helping to ensure notes are helpful to those from a wide range of views," X had said in a post in 2022 when it had launched the feature.