Sprinklr Launches Sprinklr AI+ To Deliver Enterprise-Level Generative AI Experience

The new offering combines Sprinklr’s proprietary AI with OpenAI’s generative AI.

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Enterprise software company Sprinklr, which provides a unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform for modern enterprises, has announced the launch of Sprinklr AI+. The new artificial intelligence (AI)-everywhere offering combines Sprinklr’s proprietary AI with OpenAI’s generative AI, allowing a generative AI experience with enterprise-level governance, security, and data privacy.

Sprinklr AI+ will allow enterprises to combine unstructured, CX data from 30+ digital channels — including social platforms, messaging platforms, and publicly available news, blog, and review sites — with generative AI to create content, improve feedback and assistance, and more quickly identify insights and subsequent actions.

According to Sprinklr the integration with OpenAI's enterprise API includes robust security and privacy terms and will safeguard customer data.

“We have seen massive demand for generative AI capabilities to improve customer service and employee efficiency,” said Sprinklr Chief Technology Officer Pavitar Singh.

The company said that Sprinklr AI+ leverages more than 1,250 industry-specific AI models, spanning 100+ languages and 150 countries, to process petabytes of unstructured text, audio, video, images, metrics, and time series data, enabling enterprises to extract structured insights. The new features are available across four Sprinklr product suites.

Sprinklr Service

The unified omnichannel CCaaS offering, combined with Sprinklr AI+, can improve agent productivity with generative AI features like “summarisation” and “call notes automation,” the company said. It also provides quick overview of conversations, “reply assistance,” automatic extraction of answers from the knowledge base, and automated quality scoring and sentiment analysis of conversations at scale.

Sprinklr Insights

Supported by generative AI, the research platform will allow speedy decision-making by getting quick insights from data, the company said. “Topic and keyword creation” helps customers find information quickly, while “article paraphraser” and “message summary” will allow quick reviews of detailed articles and content.

Sprinklr Marketing

The unified omnichannel platform for end-to-end marketing lifecycle, backed by Sprinklr AI+, can deliver generative AI-powered suggestions to help enterprises build marketing campaigns, the company said. It can also assist in brainstorming ideas, personas, CTAs, and USPs, and create and refine content for paid social media campaigns.

Sprinklr Social

Sprinklr Social with Sprinklr AI+ includes publishing, engagement, and reporting tools to help enterprise social media teams create content, more quickly, with fewer resources.