Ozonetel Launches AI-Led Solution Suite For Digital-First Customer Experience

The digital suite leverages generative AI capabilities and large language models built for customer experience.

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(Source: freepik)

Customer experience solutions provider Ozonetel launched an artificial intelligence-led solution suite designed for digital-first customer experience.

The digital suite leverages generative AI capabilities and large language models built for CX.

The suite seeks to help organisations streamline their customer journeys across various digital touchpoints. Through the suite, enterprises can manage digital customer interactions across WhatsApp, social media, SMS and other messaging channels, Ozonetel said. These digital channels work alongside the company’s voice solutions on a single, unified CX platform, enabling an integrated customer experience.

In today's digital landscape, many enterprises struggle to leverage new technologies. One major challenge is the absence of a unified interface to manage and analyse customer interactions across various digital channels in real time and at scale. This results in fragmented interactions and subpar customer experiences that impede business growth opportunities.

Additionally, enterprises also face the burden of managing multiple vendors, resulting in customer data silos and operational complexities across different business functions.

“There has never been a stronger link between exceptional CX and business growth. And AI and digital play a transformational role here," said Prashanth Kancherla, chief product officer at Ozonetel. "We believe this suite will enable businesses to completely reimagine CX for today’s digital-first customer, hyperscale customer engagement and supercharge business growth.”

Ozonetel said that businesses can devise multiple digital customer journeys with intuitive low-code tools, removing fragmented customer interactions. Through digital conversational marketing, the suite enables personalised customer engagement at scale.

It enables customer interactions with gen AI-powered chatbots and creates a unified CX by enabling businesses to use multiple channels (digital and/or voice) at the same time.

According to Ozonetel, it also allows team members to digitally engage with customers from the field and assists agents with real-time actionable advice from digital interactions.