KPMG Using Generative AI To Enhance Capabilities Of Digital Gateway For Tax

The solution offers details of how AI generates responses, giving the rationale behind the work and integrating citations for increased trust.

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KPMG has enhanced capabilities of its Digital Gateway for Tax, incorporating generative artificial intelligence as an independent component for better integration with data and enabling insights and efficiency. Digital Gateway for Tax is a solution that gives access to KPMG’s tax and legal technologies.

The software-as-a-service is designed to enhance tax technology, integrating gen AI for organisations embarking on their tax transformation journey.

According to KPMG, the solution will allow organisations to use the Digital Gateway as their centralised knowledge hub, where users can access company-specific documents through the unified gen AI platform. It utilises a retrieval augmented generation approach in an attempt to generate answers that are current and accurate.

The solution provides an explainability feature that details how the AI generates responses, providing transparency of the actions undertaken by AI in the background, giving the rationale behind the work delivered and integrating citations for increased trust in the process, KPMG said.

“Digital Gateway for Tax is a tried and tested trusted platform, where the AI component is now fully integrated and not an independent standalone function. Whereas many systems use the RAG approach, we have moved beyond this, revealing the thought process and step by step flow of what AI is undertaking in the background, providing users with complete transparency and ultimately trust in the process,” said Brad Brown, global head of tax technology, KPMG International.

According to the company, the platform is equipped with functionalities and features for meeting the needs of modern tax departments, including:

  • Personal Document Upload Capability: Allows users with the flexibility to upload documents for generative AI analysis.

  • AI-Generated Export: Allows export of AI-generated data directly to emails and PowerPoint slides, with an exclusive feature of branded templates.

  • Virtual Assistants: Offers both preconfigured and customisable virtual assistants for tasks such as regulation exploration and personalised learning aids, providing adaptability to tax functions.

  • Customisable Solutions: Allows collaboration with KPMG to develop virtual assistants tailored to requirements of an organisation’s tax department.

  • Training And Onboarding: Features training programmes to help users maximise the platform's potential and leverage AI for tax-related tasks.