Google Search Labs: Tech Giant Opens Access To Its AI-Powered Search Experiment

Users who have registered for Search Labs will be informed via email about the release of the generative AI capabilities in Search

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Source: Unsplash 

Google has announced the launch of Search Labs, a platform for testing new search features.

Although access to Search Labs is currently limited to the United States, the company intends to gradually expand availability. This comes two weeks after the initial announcement of Search Labs at Google I/O.

The Search Generative Experience (SGE) is a feature of Labs that presents an AI-generated summary at the top of Google search results. When searching for information on a topic, such as World War II, Google generates a brief summary and provides additional links for further reading instead of solely offering links to external sources like Wikipedia.

People who have registered for Search Labs will be informed via email about the release of the latest generative AI capabilities in Search. If an individual is interested in enrolling, access the Search Labs icon on the most recent Google app version (Android and iOS) or on Chrome desktop.

According to Google, the new generative AI-powered Search experience can assist with quicker comprehension of a subject and smoother task completion once within the experiment.

Google's latest update aims to simplify the process of acquiring information on complex topics. By utilizing AI technology, users can receive a quick snapshot of relevant factors to consider, such as the difference between learning the ukulele and guitar, all within a single search query.

Along with SGE, Search Labs also includes features like Code Tips and Add To Sheets.