CEIR Portal: How To Use It For Tracking Lost/Stolen Mobile? Here's A Step By Step Guide

CEIR module on the Sanchar Saathi portal facilitates tracing of the lost/stolen mobile devices.

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Mobile phones are important parts of our lives and if an individual's mobile is lost somewhere, then he/she might face a lot of problems.

Nowadays, mobile phones are not just used for calling and messaging people but for office work, shopping, banking, payments etc and they contain all private and personal information about the user.

In such a situation, how one can track their number or block their smartphone?

The Government Of India has a solution for it. Earlier this month, Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw launched the 'Sanchar Sathi' portal.

This multipurpose online portal helps citizens in blocking their phone numbers, track their lost or stolen phones, and many more.

What Is Sanchar Saathi Portal ? 

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) launched Sanchar Saathi, an initiative that focuses on improving the security of mobile users in India.

Sanchar Saathi has different modules, including CEIR and TAFCOP, which are citizen-centric. The CEIR lets users block or track their stolen devices, while the TAFCOP allows them to check and disconnect mobile connection numbers.

This website helps users block their lost or stolen phones by entering their IMEI details. The phone will be temporarily blocked and become unusable across India's telecom service providers' network. Users need to keep the FIR copy of the lost phone for tracking it on the website.

How To Use CEIR Services?

  • Visit the Sanchar Saathi website and go to CEIR section

  • Provide name, phone number, IMEI number, device brand, model, and invoice details.

  • Provide details about when and where you lost your smartphone.

  • Upload the complaint copy along with details of the police station and complaint number.

  • Enter the owner's name, address, ID, and email.

  • To submit the complaint, enter the captcha and use the OTP to validate the application.

  • Tap "Submit" after accepting the declaration.

If the user finds their phone afterwards they just have to follow these simple steps to unblock their phone : 

  • Use the portal ‘Sanchaar Bhaarti’ to unblock your phone. Enter your ID, mobile number, and reason for unblocking.

  • Enter OTP and reason to unblock the phone.