Can CSK Qualify For IPL 2023 Playoffs If They Lose Against DC Today? Here's What Can Happen

CSK are 2nd in the IPL 2023 points table but can still end up outside top 4. Here's how!

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With just 4 matches to go in the group stage of the IPL 2023 tournament and one for each of the remaining 8 teams, it can be anybody's guess as to who will fill-in the remaining three places for the IPL 2023 playoffs.

One of the teams who will be among those jostling for a spot is MS Dhoni-led Chennai Super Kings. The four-time IPL Champions were defeated by Kolkata Knight Riders in their recent game which was held on May 14. A victory would have ensured 2nd place and a berth in the playoffs but a defeat means CSK are now among the five teams who will be fighting it out for a place in the IPL 2023 playoffs.

So let's take a look at what are the odds of the CSK team crossing the bridge and securing a place for the playoffs.

Chennai Super Kings IPL 2023 Points

Matches Played: 13

Points: 15

NRR: 0.381

Chennai Super Kings Remaining Fixture

CSK will be playing against Delhi Capitals on May 20 at 3:30 PM.

How Can Chennai Super Kings (CSK) Qualify For IPL 2023 Playoffs?

=> If CSK win against DC

- then they will qualify for the playoffs with 17 points, results of the other matches wont have any bearing on CSK's qualification status.

CSK can also guarantee 2nd place in the IPL 2023 points table and book a place in the Qualifier 1 against GT, if

  • KKR beat LSG


  • LSG beats KKR but margin of victory is more or less equal to that of CSK beating DC (as LSG have a net run rate of 0.304)

=> If DC wins against CSK

then also they can qualify for the playoffs with 15 points, but results of the other matches will have to go in CSK's favor for it to happen.

CSK can qualify, If

  • RCB and MI both end up losing their last game, which means they both will end up with 14 points.


  • RCB and MI win their last game and end up with 16 points.

  • LSG end up losing against KKR and end up with 15 points. (LSG already have a inferior net run rate than CSK, all CSK need to ensure is they dont end up losing miserably against DC)

Can CSK Miss Out On IPL 2023 Playoffs?

Yes. This can still happen if CSK end up losing against DC and results of other matches don't go in favor of CSK.

=> CSK will be out of the tournament if

  • LSG, RCB and MI all end up winning their last game

So fate of Chennai Super Kings is now in their own hand. A win and they are into the playoffs, a loss and they will be keenly watching the results of other games and waiting for a defeat for either of LSG, RCB and MI in their last game.