10 Shows To Binge On Netflix This Weekend

Looking for something interesting to binge-watch? Here is a list of 10 great shows that you can check out this weekend on Netflix.

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Source: The Sandman on Netflix 

If you've been looking for a new TV series to binge-watch over the holidays or the weekend, take a look our list of popular and critically acclaimed shows on Netflix that you cannot miss out:


Class is an Indian Netflix show that was released quite recently and is inspired by the popular Spanish Netflix show ‘Elite’. This series focuses on a group of youngsters from diverse backgrounds who study together in the same institute. The series delves into heady political issues like class divide, casteism, and LGBTQ rights in a way that is relatable’s for the modern generation.


‘Wednesday’ has become a global phenomenon after it was released on Netflix a few months ago. This darkly humorous TV series follows the teenage ‘Wednesday Addams’ from the classic 1991 movie ‘Addams Family’. This TV series with its engrossing mysteries and endearing characters became an instant hit on Netflix, reaching record-breaking views in just weeks after release.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is Netflix’s crowning achievement that made the streaming giant incredibly popular across the globe. This series is a sci-fi/fantasy series involving a group of kids whose lives become entangled in dangerous and supernatural circumstances. Season 4 of this brilliant series was released in 2022 and exceeded the expectations of critics and fans alike. If you haven’t seen Stranger Things yet or missed out on the latest season, you can binge it this weekend.

Chainsaw Man

The Japanese art form of ‘anime’ has become incredibly popular around the world over the past few years and anime shows these days are just as popular as mainstream western shows. Chainsaw Man, a violent action-filled anime with a heart was the most watched and talked about anime in 2022, and you can check it out on Netflix. However, make sure you don’t watch this around kids, as it contains a lot of violence and bloodshed.


‘You’ is a murder thriller/darkly romantic show on Netflix that has only grown in popularity over the years. Season 4 of this intense thriller series was released just a few days ago and the series has been trending a lot on social media. If you’re a fan of romantic stories involving plenty of twists, murders, and thrills, you shouldn’t miss out on watching ‘You’.

Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul

Anyone who has the slightest interest in TV shows has heard of Breaking Bad. Often called the best TV series of all time, Breaking Bad is a genuine masterpiece with an incredible storyline that follows Walter and Jesse, unlikely partners who end up on top of a drug empire. The prequel series of Breaking Bad, called Better Call Saul is equally good. You should check out these shows this weekend if you haven’t already.


The TV series Community is one of the most underrated TV comedy shows that rightly deserves more popularity among the global audience. Created by the Russo brothers and Dan Harmon, Community is a brilliant and funny series that follows a group of lovable but flawed community college students. The character interactions and the screenwriting on this series are top-notch and if you’re in the mood to watch smart comedy shows, then Community is perfect for you.

The Sandman

The Sandman is a fantasy Netflix series based on a critically acclaimed series of comics of the same name by the famed author Neil Gaiman. This TV series features an incredibly engaging storyline, following the life of ‘Dream of The Endless’, a primordial godlike entity who controls the dream world. With a stunning production design and some superb acting performances, The Sandman become one of the most critically appreciated and popular Netflix shows of 2022, which you cannot afford to miss.

Lockwood and Co

Lockwood and Co. is a recently released TV series on Netflix that follows the story of a young duo of gifted ghost hunters that venture out every night to battle deadly and dangerous spirits. These ghost hunters, who do not have the resources of large ghost-hunting groups, stumble upon a great mystery that could change the very course of history. If you enjoy action/adventure shows, this one is for you.