A Look At Nadia Chauhan’s Reading List

Nadia Chauhan, MD & CMO at Parle Agro, talks of books that have inspired her.

(Image courtesy: BloombergQuint)  
(Image courtesy: BloombergQuint)  

Books on power of resilience and insights into what can help a person become an inspiring leader are on top of the reading list of Nadia Chauhan.

Compassion and dreaming big are among the themes of other favourite books of the Joint Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer at Parle Agro Pvt. Ltd., the maker of Frooti and Appy beverages.

Here’s a look at the bookshelf of Chauhan:

Start With Why, By Simon Sinek

The book has been “hailed as a movement to help people become more inspired, and in turn, inspire at work”. It presents a powerful model for leadership, she said. “I got interested in reading in this book when I watched his first TED talk.”

The Sun Does Shine, By Anthony Ray Hinton

This is one of Chauhan’s favorite books from last year. It’s about a man put on death row for a crime that he did not commit.

This book taught me the power of resilience, faith and forgiveness.  
A Look At Nadia Chauhan’s Reading List

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine, By Gail Honeyman

“Over the last few years, I have come across more than a handful of people who’ve been dealing with mental health issues and unwilling to really ask for help. I’ve had the privilege of helping someone find her way out without medication,” Chauhan said. “Today, we see more and more youngsters suffering with loneliness/depression and other such things than ever before.”

Eleanor is an amazing character that really helped me build great compassion for people who need it, she said.

A Look At Nadia Chauhan’s Reading List

Becoming, By Michelle Obama

Dream big, and never be afraid to dream big, Chauhan said. The book showcases how family is always a priority, no matter what the situation may be, according to her.

A Look At Nadia Chauhan’s Reading List

Pachinko, By Min Jin Lee

Love, sacrifice, ambition and loyalty—“you understand what it means only when you read a book like this”, she said.

A Dog’s Purpose, By Bruce Cameron

“I’m a mother to three dogs,” says Chauhan. “I read this book on holiday in Spain and went back to these three dogs and suddenly saw them so differently. It is the most beautiful book.”

A Look At Nadia Chauhan’s Reading List

Seriously I’m Kidding, By Ellen DeGeneres

“I read this book in an audio format narrated by Ellen herself, and I recommend it to everyone on a flight,” she said. “It’s a great way to destress”.

“Ellen is just boldly honest & so herself, that this book really pushed me to just own who I am, as I am.”

“I think we need so much more authenticity in the world today, and her book truly encourages it.” Chauhan said.