Does Anil Ambani's Firm Have The Rs 3,300 Crore To Refund In Delhi Metro Case?

The Supreme Court has asked Delhi Airport Metro Express, a subsidiary of Anil Ambani's Reliance Infrastructure, to refund Rs 3,300 crore to Delhi Metro Rail Corp.

Former chairman of Reliance Communications, Anil Ambani.
Former chairman of Reliance Communications, Anil Ambani.
A subsidiary of Reliance Infrastructure Ltd., the flagship arm of the Anil Ambani Reliance Group is required to refund nearly Rs 3,300 crore in arbitral award it received from Delhi Metro Rail Corp. But, the infrastructure arm of Anil Ambani is facing cash flow issues and undergoing debt restructuring. The Supreme Court order puts the focus back on Delhi Airport Metro Express' going concern i.e., the ability to continue its...
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