Navi Mumbai Metro: Routes, Stations, Time Table, Fare And All You Need To Know

Discover the routes, stations, and fares of the newly launched Navi Mumbai Metro.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Navi Mumbai Metro Line 1. Pic/Urban Transport on X</p></div>
Navi Mumbai Metro Line 1. Pic/Urban Transport on X

Navi Mumbai's Metro Rail began its operations on Friday with Line 1 linking Belapur to Pendhar. The distance is 11.1 km. Incidentally, the metro route was complete and certified for operations some time ago but the state government was reportedly waiting for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to inaugurate it.

The Metro Service between Pendhar to Belapur collected around Rs 2.75 lakh on Day 1. The opening of the first line marks the first-ever service on Navi Mumbai's metro network.

Here's all you need to know about the new Navi Mumbai Metro

Navi Mumbai Metro: Timings

The metro service will start between Pendhar to Belapur Terminal at 6 am while the last service will be at 10 pm. The frequency will be of 15 minutes.

Navi Mumbai Metro: Route & Stations

The Navi Mumbai metro route between Belapur and Pendhar has 11 stations, with the depot located at Taloja Panchanand. The stations are:

  • CBD Belapur

  • Sector 7

  • CIDCO Science Park

  • Utsav Chowk

  • Sector 11

  • Sector 14

  • Central Park

  • Pethpada

  • Sector 34

  • Panchanand

  • Pendhar metro station

Navi Mumbai Metro: Rates

The fares for the Navi Mumbai Metro Routes are as follows:

  • Rs 10 for 0 to 2 KM

  • Rs 15 for 2 to 4 KM

  • Rs 20 for 4 to 6 KM

  • Rs 25 for 6 to 8 KM

  • Rs 30 for 8 to 10 KM

  • Rs 40 for distances beyond 10 KM

Navi Mumbai Metro: Route Map

The embedded map below shows the exact location of all stations which are part of the Navi Mumbai Metro.

CIDCO vice chairperson and managing director Anil Diggikar said line 1 will ensure better connectivity for rapidly developing Kharghar and Taloja nodes along with CBD Belapur. It will give Navi Mumbai a better and efficient public transport system and will strengthen its presence as an international city.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde said, "The metro services will provide better connectivity within Navi Mumbai. The government aims to build a strong network of metro lines in Mumbai Metropolitan Region. CIDCO is implementing metro network very effectively in Navi Mumbai."

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