UPL, CAMS, Paytm, Stove Kraft, IREDA — Buy, Sell Or Hold? AskProfit

Here's what experts have to say about UPL, CAMS, Paytm, Stove Kraft, IREDA and more.

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Is UPL Ltd. a good buy right now? Should you keep holding Computer Age Management Services Ltd. and One97 Communications Ltd.'s Paytm? Should you accumulate Stove Kraft Ltd.?

Kunal Rambhia, founder of TheStreet Inc. and Lancelot D Cunha, chief investing officer of ValueX Wealth Connect LLP answered these investor queries and more on NDTV Profit's Ask Profit show.


D Cunha: Wait for a correction to buy into the stock.

  • It is a little expensive, considering that the growth potential is already getting factored into the valuation.


Rambhia: Hold.

  • The overall formation on the chart, the counter is clearly making the lower top, lower bottom formation.

  • This downtrend is intact but the traction is really strong.

  • But the momentum is yet to pick up and the trend is yet to reverse.

  • Stop loss is going to be around Rs 575 levels.

D Cunha: Wait for the next few quarters to see if the worst is over.

  • They operate in 18 countries globally, and 80% of their revenue as well as profit actually come from the international operations.

  • In the past, there has been a view that global growth is slowing down because of various climate issues, it's impacting the agri-input business.

  • They have been in the process of paring down that debt through selling of certain assets and liquidating it.

  • With the expectation of the Fed not raising rates beyond this point, there's an improvement in the price.

Cyient DLM Ltd.

Rambhia: Hold, for very short-term chart stock looks very attractive.

  • This rally might just continue for another couple of percentage points. To be precise, around 5.5-6% from the present levels.

  • Maintain the stop loss of Rs 675.


D Cunha: Good time to sell rather than buy.

  • It is trading far above what HDFC Bank Ltd. and other stronger players in the space are trading. 

  • Focused only on one sector—renewable energy development.

  • Diversification is not there, so higher risk.

  • When there is higher risk, one should avoid taking even further risk and look at cashing out when you can. 

Coral India Finance And Housing Ltd.

Rambhia: Hold, sideways consolidation in stock.

  • Since June 2021, the high was around Rs 57. It just went down till around Rs 30 level and again back to Rs 57, Rs 58 levels.

  • I think this seems to be the good breakout zone also. Breakout level is going to be Rs 60 levels.

  • Once it crosses above Rs 60, we can see the levels of Rs 80 on the chart.

  • Stop loss is going to be around Rs 51.

Stove Kraft

D Cunha: Wait for correction to buy.

  • Company is going to do well, given the longer term trend in rural India and the business growth.

  • The price has already factored in the next 12 months of growth.

  • Upside from here can be purely based on momentum and not based on the valuation. 

Mankind Pharma Ltd.

D Cunha: Hold for one to two years.

  • Its earnings growth has been good in the last two quarters and the outlook is also good.


Rambhia: Hold, not suspecting an upside right now.

  • But this correction is right halted at 61.8% of the last move. 

  • Support at Rs 590 to adjourn for if the counter consolidates near Rs 590.

  • Good level to reinitiate the buy is Rs 590. 

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