Nifty In Technical Charts: Looking Ahead To 2023

The slide since the Nifty high of Dec. 1 should continue till around March or extend to even the first week of April 2023.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>(Photo: Dylan Calluy on Unsplash)</p><p></p></div>
(Photo: Dylan Calluy on Unsplash)

So, we rang the curtain down on the trading for the year 2022 on Friday. For the record we had a gain of about 5% for the Nifty, which seems rather paltry, considering that for the past three years we have seen returns of 12%, 14.9% and 24.1%. Our most recent memories are the freshest in our minds and hence, by comparison, we will think 2022 to be a poor year. But if one looks at the trough to peak move in 2022, one would find that i...
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