Lok Sabha Elections 2024: 5 Points First-Time Voters In India Need To Know

India has over 1.8 crore first-time voters in the 18-19 age group who are eligible to vote in the Lok Sabha elections

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Lok Sabha elections will be held in seven phases beginning from April 19 and the counting of votes will take place on June 4 for the world's biggest election exercise in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi will bid for a third consecutive term.

In the first phase on April 19, voting will take place in 102 constituencies spread over 21 states/UTs, with 10 states/UTs completing the poll process in this phase.

Over 97 crore voters are eligible to exercise their franchise in the Lok Sabha elections, according to Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar.

There are 1.82 crore first-time voters in the country. The Centre has also launched a national campaign to encourage first-time voters to exercise their franchise and make the poll process more participative.

If you are someone who will be casting a vote during the 18th Lok Sabha elections in 2024, here’s what you must know:

1. Apply for A Voting ID Or EPIC Card

Once you turn 18 years of age, it is important to apply for a voting ID or EPIC card to cast your vote for the upcoming election. An individual who is an Indian citizen above the age of 18 years as of January 2024 can apply for this card and cast their vote. You can register online and apply for the voting ID or Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC).

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2. Confirm And Verify Documents

Once you have applied for the voting card, it will arrive at your registered postal address through post. Once it arrives make sure that you check all the details mentioned on it. If you notice any errors, visit the official Election Commission of India website to check the rectification process. 

Once you have received the correct voting ID, make sure you carry it to the poll booth. 

3. Review Candidates 

As a responsible citizen, you need to research about candidates contesting for elections. This will give you clarity on their contribution, merit, and capabilities. This way, you do not have to make your decisions on random appeals. Instead, you can validate their ideas through their contributions. 

This information helps you to make an informed decision for your first vote for the country. 

4. Verify Your Booth Location

Every citizen is assigned a dedicated voting booth which they have to visit to cast their vote. You can connect with the Election Commission office or the state election office to check and confirm your booth. 

5. The Entire Voting Process

  • Step 1: On voting day, you will go to the booth, where the officer will first check documents such as your voting ID or EPIC card. 

  • Step 2: Once these are confirmed, you can select the symbol of your desired candidate’s party to cast your vote through an electronic voting machine. 

  • Step 3: Another officer will apply a mark on your forefinger and your presence will be marked. 

  • Step 4: Another booth member will maintain the count of the number of voters voting from that booth. 

  • Step 5: Voters are requested to sign or mark their thumb impression on the election register for the authentication process. 

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