ECI’s 'Myth vs Reality Register' To Tackle Misinformation During Lok Sabha Elections

This register aims to promote transparency, accuracy, and responsible communication during elections.

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Image source: X/@ECISVEEP

The Election Commission of India (ECI) on Tuesday launched a dedicated platform ‘Myth vs Reality Register’ to restrict the spread of misinformation and retain the integrity of the electoral process during the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. 

Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar and election commissioners Gyanesh Kumar and Sukhbir Singh Sandhu launched the micro-site to combat fake news. This micro-site is now available and will bust fake news, Myth vs Reality explainers, FAQs, and other reference material. 

This one-stop platform ( is a credible and authentic source to explore all election-related information, the ECI said.

"Chief Election Commissioner, Rajiv Kumar, during the press conference on the announcement of the schedule for General Elections 2024 has identified misinformation as one of the challenges, along with money, muscle and MCC violations for electoral integrity. With the proliferation of misinformation and false narratives becoming a growing concern in many democracies globally, this innovative and proactive initiative by ECI is an effort to ensure that voters have access to accurate and verified information throughout the electoral process,” the release said.

This register aims to promote transparency, accuracy, and responsible communication during elections. The micro-site is a reliable source for citizens as well as media organisations to access verified information and stay away from false narratives that can mislead voters. 

It will document and catalogue instances of debunked fake news. The register will also serve as a reference guide, empowering citizens to make informed decisions and maintain the democratic fabric of the nation said the website.

Recently, the ECI updated citizens and media organisations with the reality of a false claim:

"All stakeholders are encouraged to verify and corroborate any dubious information received by them through any channel with the information provided in the Myth vs. Reality register. The platform can be used to verify information, prevent the spread of misinformation, debunk myths, and stay informed about key issues during the General Elections 2024. Users can also share the information on different social media platforms from the register," mentioned the release. 

ECI is an autonomous constitutional authority entitled to administer and process elections to the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, and state legislative assemblies in India, and the offices of the President and Vice-President of the country.