Zendesk Completes Acquisition Of AI-Powered Quality Management Platform Klaus

Zendesk acquired Tymeshift, a tool built exclusively for Zendesk, in June last year.

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Source: Wikipedia

(Zendesk headquarters)

Zendesk, a software-as-a-service company has announced the acquisition of Klaus to strengthen its workforce management capabilities.

The acquisition of Klaus is the latest addition to the company’s existing WEM solutions, which include Tymeshift, another AI-driven solution, according to a release.

Zendesk acquired Tymeshift, a tool built exclusively for Zendesk, in June last year.

The company said the acquisition "accelerates growth in Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) and adds AI-powered Quality Assurance (QA) to help companies deliver intelligent customer experiences".

Chief Technology Officer at Zendesk, Adrian McDermott, said with Klaus as part of Zendesk's portfolio, it now has new features such as AI-powered auto-QA.

"We can give businesses everything they need to automatically and accurately assess the performance of their support teams to deliver consistent, high-quality service across every channel and through both human and digital agents,” McDermott said.

The company said that Klaus uses Artificial Intelligence to pinpoint conversations with positive or negative sentiment, identify outliers, churn risk, spot knowledge gaps, and identify coaching opportunities that can be used to improve agent performance and productivity, all of which result in higher customer satisfaction.

"While most QA software can only score up to 5 per cent of CX (Customer Experience) interactions, Klaus automates QA across 100% of customer support interactions,” Kair Käsper, Co-Founder of Klaus said.

"It uses AI to identify patterns, predict issues, and suggest solutions making it a vital tool that improves service quality, enriches the customer experience, and ultimately enhances the reputation and success of the organisation,” he added.