Used Cars: This Model Is Most Searched on Google

Used Cars: This Model Is Most Searched on Google

Honda City is the most searched car online when it comes to the Indian used cars market, according to a survey by Google and Mahindra First Choice Wheels. Mahindra First Choice sells pre-owned cars across brands and is a part of the Mahindra Group.

Honda is the most googled brand when it comes to used car searches, the survey found. However, the mid-sized category - under which the Honda City falls - is not the most searched type on Google for pre-owned cars.

"Mid-size and luxury cars contribute 9 per cent each to the overall searches," Dr Nagendra Palle, CEO, Mahindra First Choice Wheels, told NDTV.

When it comes to car types, the most searched category of pre-owned cars on Google is SUV or sports utility vehicle, constituting 47 per cent of all used car searches on Google, according to the findings of the survey.

Auto expert Tutu Dhawan believes Honda City emerging as the most searched in the used car space on the internet has much to do with its brand recall.

"The history of the brand is trouble-free. The residual value in terms of resale is also good. The engineering is simple, not complicated like German cars and its maintenance cost is 20 per cent of the German cars," Mr Dhawan said.

Queries related to pre-owned cars on Google have grown 20 times in the last six years, according to the study, which Mr Palle said would be published towards the end of the week.