10 Things You Should Know For Conducting Safe ATM Transactions

Sign on reverse of ATM card immediately on receipt, SBI tells customers Never keep PIN with debit card, memorize it instead, it adds SBI time and again shares tips to spread awareness among customers

Customer should sign reverse of card as soon as he or she receives it, suggests SBI.
Customer should sign reverse of card as soon as he or she receives it, suggests SBI.

State Bank of India (SBI), the largest lender of the country, has time and again shared tips to its customers, in its bid to promote safe banking practices. While transacting via an ATM-cum-debit card, customers often forget hiding their password, which may lead to a fraud. In order to prevent such instances, SBI recommends that customers should conduct ATM transactions in complete privacy. In case an unauthorised transaction takes place via the ATM-cum-debit card, customers should immediately inform the bank, says SBI.

Here are 10 things that you should do to conduct ATM transactions safely:

1. You should always sign on the reverse of the card immediately on receipt, according to SBI.

2. In addition to changing your ATM PIN regularly, you should never keep the PIN with the debit card or write on it. You should always memorize it, the bank has said on its website,

3. Do not provide ATM card and PIN details to anyone, including the bank/Indian Banks' Association/RBI/government agency/family/friends, etc. The bank or any other institution will never ask for this information, according to SBI.

4. When transacting in the ATM room, do not let strangers come in to the room or take their help to complete the transactions.

5. You should hide the keypad while keying in your PIN at ATM/POS (point of sale) terminals. A PoS (Point of Sale) terminal is an electronic device used for processing of card payments at retail locations.

6. You should not throw your transaction slip in the ATM room as it contains account information.

7. Before moving out of the room, always wait till the ATM returns to idle mode and the green light blinks.

8. You should always insist on swiping your card in your presence in hotels/shops/malls, etc. You should never swipe your card at PoS machines kept at unknown temporary stalls.

9. In case you lose your ATM card, you need to report  it immediately by calling 1800 425 3800 or 1800 11 22 11, said SBI. You should block and destroy your old card, when you get a new one. You should register your mobile number at the bank branch to get SMS alerts for all transactions.

10. If cash is not dispensed and ATM does not display "cash out" you should report to the bank on the number mentioned in the notice board, according to SBI.