Here's How Founder Anupam Mittal Reacted To Elon Musk On The Ongoing Twitter Chaos

Founder of, Anupam Mittal shared his views about the ongoing Twitter chaos & tweeted to Elon Musk. Read to know more!

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Source: Twitter @AnupamMittal

Anupam Mittal, the founder of website shared his two cents on the ongoing chaos at Twitter, and the layoffs ordered by its new owner, Elon Musk. On Sunday, November 20, he posted on Twitter saying, “As smart as he is, why does @elonmusk fail to understand that if u parade subordinates naked in the townhall, it makes easy for them to pee on you in public (winking face emoji) Respect is a 2way street, isn't it?”

The creator of responded to a user who remarked that the world's richest person and CEO of Tesla was deliberately stirring up controversy to make people talk about Twitter and winning. To that, Mittal replied that there are other methods to stir up controversy other than trampling on your subordinates. Here’s what the tweet read –

One of the first choices Musk made after purchasing the tech behemoth in October was to institute a monthly fee ($8) for blue tick verification. Earlier this month, the previously free service was discontinued. On November 29, it is anticipated to resume.

The 51-year-old business entrepreneur also dismissed a number of senior employees right once after taking over as boss, among them former CEO Parag Agarwal. Days later, over half of the company's 7,500 global employees, including 90% of its workers in India were let go. This goes to the extent that a recent ultimatum sent by Musk to Twitter staff is also said to have sparked an exodus from the company.

There were many polarizing opinions in response to Mittal’s tweet among which, one of the posts of a Twitter user read, “Empathy is the key not just for running a business but also building a relationship see i look at it this way that when you buy a business you get the built in culture and relationship of employees within each other with it, and one who is capable of using this network wins.”

Further, another Twitter user wrote saying, “@elonmusk is trying to make a point that everyone is replaceable, and a bunch of excellent ex-twitter employees are not going to stop @twitter from being.”

Anupam’s twitter post received over 3K likes and numerous comments within 24 hours. One user wrote:

“Well said @AnupamMittal. Most of the times it’s not about power but being a leader. You will be successful when u got people working for you more than the money. If you treat them well, it reciprocates. Ofcourse barring the rotten apples.”