DCB Bank Relaunches Suraksha Fixed Deposit This Festive Season

DCB bank has relaunched its Suraksha Fixed Deposit. The plan can offer you attractive interest rate and benefits

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We're just a week away from Diwali. The season of joy, lights and happiness is almost here. We all especially wait for this festival to arrive so that we can make a move. Like many of us book our brand new car, some invest in gold and some look for options to create a secure and beneficial investment.

If you’re also looking for secure investment options that pay you better returns, then you should be happy because DCB bank has relaunched its Suraksha Fixed Deposit this festive season. It is a fixed deposit investment with a tenure of 3 years and offers a unique mix of savings and safety to the depositors and their dependents.

Are you excited to know more about its feature and benefits? Read on!

What Is DCB Bank Suraksha Fixed Deposit?

Firstly, the private sector bank, DCB has relaunched its Suraksha Fixed Deposit and specifically this festive season, it has reintroduced a life insurance plan free with the Suraksha FD. It is an FD with 3 years of tenure and amazing interest rates. It comes with free insurance and a variety of other benefits.

Apart from this, it has introduced a regular fixed deposit without Suraksha insurance. For a fixed deposit of 3 years, the DCB bank provides an attractive annual interest rate of 7.10% which yields 7.49% pa or 7.84% pa respectively. Also, elderly individuals earn a 7.60% interest rate annually over the same time period and the yields are 8.05% and 8.45% annually.

And if you make an investment or fixed deposit for a longer tenure of five years, then the annual return would be 7% per year, i.e., the annualised yield would be 8.43% p.a. In the same tenure, the elderly individuals will earn 7.50% annually, which represents an annualised yield of 9.14%.

More About DCB Bank Suraksha Fixed Deposit (FD)

Making a fixed deposit in the DCB Suraksha Fixed Deposit comes with unmatched benefits. The deposit provides you with free life insurance coverage up to Rs.10 lakh if the value of the Suraksha FD is more than Rs 10 lakh.

 The cherry on the cake is the insurance premium is not payable by the DCB Suraksha FD customer. Also, there is no requirement for any type of medical evaluation to avail of the benefits from the life insurance coverage. To put it simply, the fixed deposit is motivated to provide complete ‘Suraksha’ with its benefits.

DCB Bank Suraksha Fixed Deposit: Features

1. As mentioned above, the fixed deposit plan provides you with a life insurance cover of 36 terms. Also, the insurance coverage is valid from 18 years of age to 55 years of age.

2. The plan provides one of the highest and most guaranteed interest rates for a fixed deposit.

3. The plan offers a maximum life insurance cover of up to Rs 10 lakhs across DCB Suraksha Fixed Deposit in the name of the primary applicant.

4. The plan allows the depositors to make an investment with PAN, nomination and email ID.

5. Moreover, NRIs are also eligible to make an investment in the DCB Suraksha Fixed Deposit. It offers attractive returns to NRIs as well as free life insurance based on a fixed deposit amount.

6. The fixed deposits are also available in Non-Residential External (NRE), and Non-Resident Ordinary (NRO) in Indian Rupees.


If you’re planning to invest in the DCB Suraksha Fixed Deposit, get in touch with the Bank. The re-introduction of the plan is a decent opportunity to invest in an FD that provides the highest interest rate and safety.