Croma Black Friday Sale 2022: Get The New MacBook Air At Less Than A Lakh, Check Other Exciting Offers

Avail massive discounts on various products before the Croma Black Friday sale ends on November 27, 2022.

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Photo by Crystal Collis on Unsplash

Black Friday is a popular term used for the Friday that falls immediately after Thanksgiving in the United States. Several large-scale companies and even smaller shops in the US come up with exciting offers and sales during this time. Traditionally, this day marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the United States.

Inspired by the Black Friday sales in the US, several brands in India have also started offering their products and services at discounted rates under the name of, Black Friday Sales! One such company is Croma, which is currently offering Macbooks, iPhones, Smart TVs, Earbuds and a lot more at discounted rates under their Black Friday Sale.

The Croma Black Friday Sale

Croma’s version of the popular Black Friday sale, also known as the “Croma Darkest Black Friday sale” started on November 18 and ends on November 27, 2022. Similar to the pattern in the US, the sale ends right before “Cyber Monday” which is the first Monday after Thanksgiving.

Currently, Croma is offering some of the “darkest deals” on a wide range of products available across the website and in offline stores. This includes laptops, TVs, smartphones, home appliances, mobile accessories and more.

Croma Black Friday Deals

Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting and “darkest deals” that you can avail at Croma during their Black Friday sale:

Apple MacBook Air 2022 - Get the latest Apple MacBook Air(256 GB) originally priced at ₹119,900 for a discounted price of ₹108,590. You can also get an instant discount of ₹10,000 when making the purchase making the final amount less than ₹1 Lakh.

Apple MacBook Air 2020 - You can avail an even better discount on the Apple MacBook Air released in 2020 with the original price being ₹99,900, while the discounted rate is ₹87,090. Similar to the previous deal, you can get an additional discount of ₹10,000 here as well.

JBL Wave 100 Earbuds - Customers can get JBL’s Wave Earbuds with 30 hours of playback for a discounted price of ₹2,399 instead of its original price i.e. ₹6,999.

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab - You can get the Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab for almost 50% off at the Croma Black Friday sale. While the product is originally priced at ₹35,500, you can get it for ₹17,999.

Foxsky Android TV - Croma is offering one of the highest discounts on Foxsky’s Android TV, which is 67%. The original price of the product is ₹129,990, while you get it at the discounted rate of ₹42,999.

boAt Airdopes 441 - Another massive discount is seen in Boat’s earbuds where you can get 78% off on the original price. Although the original price of this product is ₹5,999, you can now buy these earbuds for just ₹1,349.

OnePlus 9 5G - Get the OnePlus 9 5G originally priced at ₹54,999 for a discounted price of ₹37,999.

Croma Double Door Refrigerator - Originally priced at ₹34,000, Croma’s double-door refrigerator is now available at a discounted rate of ₹23,990.

Apart from these, you also get bank discounts of up to ₹2,500 on various Debit/Credit cards. Banks included in this offer are Citi Bank, Bank Of Baroda, ICICI Bank, Federal Bank, HDFC Bank and HSBC Bank.

Disclaimer: All of the offers mentioned here have been recorded from the official Croma website and are only available for a limited period of time. To view more product offers and discounts, you can visit the official Croma website. Users are advised to confirm all the offer prices from the official website before making any purchases.