6 Personal Finance Apps That Can Make Budgeting Easier For You

Are you having trouble with maintaining your monthly budget? Use these personal finance apps to make smarter budgeting decisions

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Source: Tech Daily on Unsplash 

In today’s busy and hectic world, keeping track of your personal finances can become exhausting and a time-consuming process. Fortunately, there are hundreds of personal finance apps for smartphones that can help keep a close track of your expenses. Over the past few years, these personal finances have evolved to become extremely efficient and useful in keeping a tab on your finances. For your consideration, we have compiled a list of the top smartphone apps that can make budgeting and personal finance easier for you.

List Of Top Personal Finance Apps

The following are the best personal finance apps that you can use on your smartphone:


Walnut is a very popular money management app that is available on both Android and iPhone. The app comes with various intuitive and smart features. One such feature breaks down all your expenses into different categories such as food, entertainment, shopping, etc, to give you insight into your spending habits. The app also allows you to split any bills like restaurant bills among your friends equally. The app also has options to set up reminders for various payments like credit card dues, phone recharge, DTH payments, and more.


Goodbudget is another highly popular budgeting app that is available for both Android and iOS. It essentially serves as a highly accurate virtual budgeting application that keeps a record of all your expenses. It provides valuable metrics such as splitting your expenses into various categories, ensuring that you stay within your targeted budget, as well as helping you create a plan for your monthly budget.


Wallet is a popular personal finance app that automatically analyses your financial transactions to provide valuable data-driven insights. The app helps provide useful suggestions such as where you are spending money the most, places where you can cut down your expenses, as well as any patterns that arise from your spending habits. Moreover, Wallet promises to keep your data completely secure and encrypted.


FinArt is another app that can help you track your expenses and gain valuable insights into your spending. The app reads data from your SMS and financial apps in order to provide you with easy-to-understand graphical charts of your expenses. This app also allows you to check up on your credit card, bank or mobile wallet balances, as well as manage your monthly subscriptions. As of now, FinArt is only available for download on Google Play Store.


Monefy is another financial tracking app that aims to provide you with simple and easy understand breakdowns of your monthly expenses. Monefy also has a feature to highlight any spending habits where you’re spending large amounts of money and offers different ways to cut down on these expenses and increase your savings. The app has an extremely user-friendly interface and you also have the option of manually adding your transactions through the journal feature. Moreover, Monefy promises complete safety of your data through biometric locks and encryption. Monefy is available for Android and iOS devices.

Expense Manager

As the straightforward name of this app suggests, Expense Manager is a financial tool that helps you manage your expenses more efficiently. Expense manager offers a myriad of useful and interesting features, such as the option to create monthly, quarterly, or yearly budgets. The app allows you to categorise your spending and set spending limits on various items. The app also comes with bonus features such as a currency converter and a calculator. The Expense Manager App is available for Android as well as iOS devices.

Note: While these are trusted personal finance apps that store your data securely, you should still be very cautious when dealing with finance-related apps as the risk of your data getting stolen or your accounts being hacked persists, even if it's very low.