Karnataka Milk Federation To Increase Nandini Milk Prices By Rs 2

Earlier this month, Mother Dairy and Amul also announced price hikes of Rs 2 per litre.

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Source: Unsplash

The Karnataka Milk Federation announced an increase in milk prices effective from Wednesday, alongside an expansion in the volume of its half- and one-litre packets by 50 ml. This decision comes in the wake of the Karnataka government's recent fuel sales tax hike, which led to a Rs 3 per litre increase in petrol prices and a Rs 3.5 per litre increase in diesel prices across the state.

"As it is the current harvest season, the storage of milk in all district milk unions is increasing every day, and the current storage is close to one crore litres," KMF said in a statement on Tuesday. "In this background, the price of each packet is being increased by Rs 2, with an additional 50 ml of milk being given to consumers only for each half-litre (500 ml) and one-litre (1000 ml) packets."

The price adjustments are as follows: a 500 ml packet of Nandini toned milk, currently priced at Rs 22, will now cost Rs 24, while the 1000 ml packet will be priced at Rs 44, up from Rs 42.

This move by KMF follows similar actions by other dairy companies. Parag Milk Foods Ltd. recently raised prices by Rs 2 per litre across its product range. In Mumbai, for instance, the cost of toned milk will rise from Rs 54 to Rs 56 per litre, and Gowardhan Gold Milk will increase from Rs 56 to Rs 58 per litre. Half-litre packs will also see an increase of Rs 1 per pack.

Earlier this month, Mother Dairy and Amul also announced price hikes of Rs 2 per litre. Mother Dairy cited extreme heat and rising production costs as reasons for their increase, while Amul attributed their Rs 2 per litre hike to a 3-4% rise in the retail price.