How To Get Cheaper Flight Tickets: 5 Tips

Tips for cheaper flight tickets
Tips for cheaper flight tickets

Monsoon has fully arrived in India. Like every year, the season has people wishing for vacations and outings once more. But with energy prices remaining elevated, it's no surprise that air flight tickets also remain quite expensive. 

With flight tickets often making up one of the highest vacation costs, finding ways to reduce how much you spend on tickets is a nice approach to bring the overall travel costs down. 

Here are five tips that you can rely on to get cheaper flight tickets:

1. Delete cookies/use private browsing:

Whenever you search for flights or air tickets through your browser, digital trackers known as cookies store that information, the next time you search for information about the same flight, you'll often find that the ticket has suddenly increased in price. To prevent this hidden surge in the ticket prices, use private browsing sessions (e.g. incognito browsing on Chrome) or delete cookies after each browsing session. 

2. Be flexible with date and times: 

At times, changing the date or time of your flight can result in heavy discounts. Whenever you are looking to book flights, check the prices for a couple of days around your chosen date. You can often find the same flight but at lower prices. If your dates are set, try to check through flights that are alighting at different times. These flights also have different ticket prices and can result in you scoring some discounts. 

3. Use points and discounts:

One of the biggest reasons to have a premium credit card is that many airlines and online travel marketplaces offer large discounts on booking when using credit cards from leading banks. In addition, some credit card rewards programs can also be converted into credit for airlines. Similarly, if you are a part of an airline's reward program, try to use your points and frequent flier miles as often as possible. 

4. Use a flight ticket tracker:

You can also use trackers to set alerts whenever air ticket prices fall below average. You can also use these tools to search for flight ticket prices across multiple brands, airlines, dates and locations on just one platform. 

5. Always be aware of promotional deals:

Airlines often run promotional deals and discounts throughout the year. By following airlines on social media or subscribing to their newsletter, you can know when these promotional deals start and get your hands on some cheap air tickets.