G20 Summit 2023: New Delhi Declaration 'Almost Ready', Says Amitabh Kant

The challenge is to bring consensus on every issue, (as) every country has veto power, Kant said.

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As all eyes remain on whether a New Delhi Declaration will emerge from India’s G20 Presidency, Sherpa Amitabh Kant said on Friday that such a document would be inclusive of the voice of the global south and developing countries.

"Our presidency has been decisive... The New Delhi Declaration is almost ready," Kant said in a press conference. Now, it would be up to the leaders to accept it, he said.

Such a joint declaration has been facing pushback over issues like the language of war and subsequent food and energy insecurities across the globe at previous ministerial-level meetings.

Answering concerns on whether the absence of Chinese President Xi Jinping will hinder a joint declaration, Kant said China is a multilateral player, and the bilateral relations of the country are different from the multilateral ones. The challenge is to bring consensus on every issue as every country has the veto power, he said.

The issue of war and its economic impact was touched upon at the 2022 Bali Summit, and it was also discussed this year as a consequence of growth and sustainable development goals, Kant said.

A chair's summary emerged from the leaders' summit in Bali that noted differences between delegations owing to the war in Ukraine.

Kant reiterated the focal points from the last drafting session of the leaders' declaration in Hampi in July. The sherpas and heads of delegations covered six priorities, including

  • Bold, sustainable, and inclusive growth

  • Sustainable development goals

  • Green development

  • Multilateral-development-bank reforms

  • Digital public infrastructure

  • Women-led development and gender equality

Representing the finance track, Economic Affairs Secretary Ajay Seth said strengthening multilateral development banks, supporting sustainable, strong, and inclusive growth amid global challenges, discussing debt vulnerabilities, financial inclusion, and blockchain and its regulatory consensus are key finance priorities.

Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra, who was also present, said the specifics of the agenda of the G20 summit are structured inclusively.

With three main sessions titled One Earth, One Family, and One Future spread over the two days, there will also be several side events apart from the summit over the two days.

A presidential dinner will also be hosted by the Indian President on Saturday, Kwatra said.

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