Dr Reddy's Launches Skin Disorder Treatment Lotion in India

Pharmaceutical firm Dr Reddy's Laboratories on Thursday launched Melgain lotion used for treatment of vitiligo, a skin disorder, in India under a partnership with Issar Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd.

The lotion will benefit patients of the skin pigmentation disorder in India, Dr Reddy's said in a statement.

"Melgain lotion is safe and efficacious in vitiligo cases involving various areas of the body, as established by a number of clinical studies. Its safety is well established for treating children as well," it added.

It leads to re-pigmentation in 80 per cent to 90 per cent of patients, as compared to 60 per cent of patients who respond to other medical treatments such as corticosteroids and phototherapy, Dr Reddy's said.

"Vitiligo is a skin disease that leads to white patches on the body due to the loss of normal skin pigment called melanin. It is a very common disease that affects all races, and is estimated to affect about 5 crore people in India," it added.

The lotion's unique mechanism of action enhances re-pigmentation when used in combination with other therapies, Dr Reddy's said.

Shares in Dr Reddy's Laboratories, on Thursday, ended at Rs 2,434 apiece on the BSE, up 0.08 per cent from the previous close.