David Beckham Post-Retirement: Guess How Much Money He Makes

David Beckham Post-Retirement: Guess How Much Money He Makes

David Beckham makes more money post his retirement from football, than he ever made during his playing days. The Englishman, other than representing his national side, took the turf for two of the biggest clubs in the world - Manchester United and Real Madrid - during his 20-year playing career.

Beckham earned a whopping $75 million during 2014 - his first full year of retirement, according to Forbes estimates.

This is his highest ever annual earning, with $51 million being the previous high in 2012. The former football superstar has been as popular off-field for being a style icon as he has been for his on-field exploits. Beckham is almost as famous for his ever-changing hairstyles, tattoos, and dressing sense, as he was for his ability to bend the ball in the air.

Beckham also emerged second on the list of Forbes' 'highest paid retired athletes' for 2015. American basketball legend Michael Jordan topped the list with earnings of $100 million.

David Beckham endorses a number of brands like Adidas, Breitling, Belfast, and continues to land new endorsements deals even post retirement. Beckham also has his own line of fragrances manufactured by French cosmetics giant Coty. Other endorsements include Swedish retailer H&M's men's swimwear line.

"What supercharged Beckham's earnings in 2014 were two deals with big upfront payments and significant upside. Beckham and his longtime advisor, Simon Fuller, who is best known for creating American Idol, partnered with beverage giant Diageo to launch a new single grain Scotch whiskey, Haig Club," Forbes said. Beckham is a shareholder in the Haig business.

The 39-year-old, who wore the number 7 jersey for the English national side and has the number etched on his forearm in Roman numeric in the form of a tattoo, is a highly bankable star in the Chinese advertisement market as well.

"He added a deal with Jaguar in China last year, continuing a recent trend of expanding Brand Beckham in the world's most populous country. Beckham inked a multi-million deal in February 2013 to be ambassador for the Chinese Super League, the country's soccer association.

"He has since added agreements with China Auto Rental, China's leading car rental brand, as well as Sands China, a division of Las Vegas Sands," Forbes said.

Beckham retired from football in May 2013, after a five-month stint with French club Paris Saint-Germain.