Controlling Coal Supply To Power Plants Will Release 1.7 Lakh Tonnes

A review meeting was held in Power Ministry to monitor coal stocks in thermal plants
A review meeting was held in Power Ministry to monitor coal stocks in thermal plants

The Power Ministry has said that regulating coal supply to power plants which have more than 15 days of fuel, will free around 1.77 lakh tonnes of dry fuel from 26 stations.

According to a statement issued by the ministry, Power Secretary Alok Kumar, who held a review meeting of the core monitoring team to seek an update on the stock of coal at thermal power plants, was informed about this fact.

The core monitoring team has representatives from the power ministry, Central Electricity Authority (CEA), Coal India Ltd (CIL) and Indian Railways.

During the meeting, it came to light that the regulation of coal to power plants having more than 15 days' stock would free up around 1.77 lakh tone of coal from 26 stations.

This particular consignment of coal has been redistributed to plants having supercritical and critical coal stocks at power plants.

The second unit of NTPC Daralipali will achieve commercial operation from September 1 onwards and thus an additional 800 mega watt of electricity generation would be added in the total fleet.

Also Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) is expected to clear dues of around Rs 1,200 crore to the different CIL subsidiaries within a week, which will augment the coal supply to different plants of DVC, the statement said.

This will help in ramping up power generation from DVC plants from the current level of 61 per cent to a PLF (plant load factor) of 90 per cent.

The 1,000 mega watt Kudankulam nuclear power plant would be back on bar before September 2 and replace some portion of coal generation, thereby reducing pressure on coal requirements, it further said.