Borosil Renewables Faces Substantial Dumping Of Solar Panels From China, Says MD

Kheruka said the government's list of approved models and makers will boost demand of domestically produced solar modules.

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Borosil Renewables Ltd. is experiencing an increase in demand for solar panels, while at the same time facing substantial dumping from China, according to Shreevar Kheruka, managing director of Borosil Ltd.

The government's Approved List of Models and Manufacturers will help gear the demand for domestically produced solar modules, he said. This will further help improve the demand for solar glasses, which may eventually impact pricing.

Kheruka said that the company is prepared to meet the escalating demand of solar panels as ALMM will aim to improve the domestic volume. “We have added lots of new products in terms of thinner glass, glasses with special coating.”

He said that the business would take a couple of quarters to see an uptick as many companies’ inventories will include the low-priced Chinese modules.  

India had initiated an anti-dumping probe into imports of certain solar glasses from China and Vietnam, following a complaint from the domestic players.

Borosil Renewables has filed an application on behalf of the domestic industry for the probe and to impose appropriate anti-dumping duty on imports.

The Directorate General of Trade Remedies—the investigative arm of the Commerce Ministry—is examining the situation.

It was alleged that 'Textured Tempered Coated and Uncoated Glass', also known as solar glass or solar photovoltaic glass, from China and Vietnam were dumped in India. If the dumping has caused material injury to domestic players, then DGTR would recommend the imposition of anti-dumping duty on the imports.

Anti-dumping investigations are conducted by countries to see whether an influx of cheap imports has hampered the domestic industries.

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