73% Job Seekers Prefer Large Corporates Over Startups: Report

Around 73% job seekers prefer stable and established companies to work with and grow within the organisation.

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With the current economic uncertainties and the recent challenges faced by the startups ecosystem, 73% of job seekers interviewed said they prefer large corporations over start-ups, a report said on Tuesday.

Around 73% job seekers prefer stable and established companies to work with and grow within the organisation, a report by jobs and professional networking platform revealed.

The report is based on a survey of 10,000 job seekers and 1,000 Human Resource recruiters.

The report further stated that only 27% of employees would still consider switching to start-ups for career growth.

This indicates that professionals are focusing on upskilling and keeping themselves relevant to grow in their current organisation, it noted.

While employers are preferring a skills-first approach, job seekers prioritise career growth opportunities, along with salary over location and commute, work-life balance and culture of the company, when searching for a job, said the report.

It stated that 73% of Indians consider career growth as the primary factor in their job search, even surpassing the importance of work-life balance and flexible working hours.

According to the report, the employers have identified the needs of the job seekers and, therefore, providing professional development opportunities remained the top priority for 72% of organisations, followed by 22% of employers who think flexible work hours is what the job seekers look for.

“India's job market is evolving rapidly with changing preferences of job seekers who are now more inclined towards stable and established companies for better career growth prospects. As the job market is now prioritising skill sets, it's encouraging to see recruiters adopting a skills-first approach to attract top talent", founder and CEO Nirmit Parikh added.