5G's Billion Dollar Impact On India's Economy: 5 Points

5G's benefits for the Indian economy
5G's benefits for the Indian economy
  1. 5G is likely to benefit the Indian economy by Rs 36.4 trillion ($455 billion) between 2023 and 2040, showed the GSMA report.
  2. The benefit of 5G technology is expected to be realised in the manufacturing sector (representing 20 per cent of the total benefit), retail (12 per cent) and agriculture (11 per cent) etc.  
  3. 5G will account for more than a third of total connections in India by 2030, with the share of 2G and 3G dwindling to less than 10 per cent. It also noted that India's high level of 4G adoption (79 per cent) indicates a subscriber base ready to transition to 5G.
  4. While the proportion of connected adults (people above 18) in India has grown, a third of those covered by mobile broadband networks do not yet use the service, according to the report. Lack of literacy and digital skills remains the greatest barrier, it noted.
  5. There is also a considerable gender gap in mobile ownership and mobile internet use. While there is a 14 per cent gender gap in mobile ownership, the figure shoots up to 41 per cent in mobile internet use. The report noted that a lack of awareness and digital skills are among the top barriers to mobile internet adoption and usage among women.