India’s Best UPI Success Rate, No PIN For Small Payments: Why Users Believe Paytm Is India’s Fintech Pioneer

Users laud Paytm’s efficiency and speed in UPI payments

India’s Best UPI Success Rate, No PIN For Small Payments: Why Users Believe Paytm Is India’s Fintech Pioneer

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India’s digital payments and QR code pioneer Paytm is known for enabling quick and convenient UPI payments for users with the best success rate in the industry. This feat has not gone unnoticed by its millions of users, who have taken to social media to laud the fintech giant’s efficiency and speed.

Paytm has always been at the forefront of innovation and has been able to optimise its UPI infrastructure to ensure that transactions are completed in the shortest possible time, with a success rate that is unmatched by any other platform in the industry.

Paytm Payments Bank, which owns Paytm UPI, recently won the Shrestha Puraskar award from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) for maintaining one of the lowest average technical decline rates in UPI transactions.

Further, by being the first to launch UPI LITE, Paytm has once again demonstrated its commitment to innovation and user satisfaction.

“Need higher success and low bank server down scenarios - Paytm’s working better for me. Don't want to put in a pin every time I send 10 rupees - Paytm has a product”, tweeted a user recently.

With Paytm UPI LITE, the company has empowered users with quick and seamless transactions at a lightning-fast speed on Paytm Super App. Users can carry out multiple transactions of smaller values of up to Rs 200. Paytm UPI LITE is an “on-device wallet” that allows users to add a maximum of Rs 2000 twice a day, resulting in a total daily usage of up to Rs 4000, with a single tap.

Speaking about his experience using Paytm UPI LITE, a user said, “It’s actually good and saves the time wasted due to bank servers being down and payment failure”.

Paytm UPI LITE offers faster real-time transactions as no four–six-digit PIN is required to make any payment. Paytm UPI is the most preferred choice of users owing to its ease, convenience, superior user experience, security, and interoperability.

Paytm UPI LITE will never fail even during peak transaction hours, even when banks have success rate issues.

Appreciating the convenience of using Paytm UPI LITE, a twitter user recently wrote, “I always use this feature of Paytm. Add 500 or any amount in Paytm wallet. Use this to pay at grocery store, canteen, diary, stationary etc. Paytm within 1-2 secs. No failure. No Pin. Clean bank statement”.

Transactions made through UPI LITE will be deducted from the UPI LITE balance and not from the linked bank account. This reduces the number of frequent debit entries in the bank passbook when users make small-value payments.