Ozonetel Integrates ChatGPT Into Contact Centres To Enhance User Experience

The suite of solutions is aimed at improving contact centre efficiencies and enhancing customer experience.

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Ozonetel, an omnichannel customer experience platform provider, is leveraging ChatGPT and generative artificial intelligence to improve the user experience. The company said that it is integrating OpenAI’s ChatGPT and generative AI into its contact centres to provide a suite of solutions aimed at improving efficiencies and enhancing the customer experience.

The benefits of ChatGPT-powered contact centres are manifold, Ozonetel said. Businesses will be able to harness the intelligence gathered from customer interactions to improve agent efficiency, deliver personalised user experiences, and achieve higher client satisfaction, the company said.

With this suite of solutions, contact centres will have a self-evolving knowledge repository that learns from available resources such as documents, conversations and frequently asked questions, creating a one-stop solution for customer support and agent training, the company said. Agent-facing AI will also help enterprises resolve queries faster and personalise conversations better, it said.

"We believe the integration of ChatGPT into contact centres will bring about a paradigm shift in their efficiency and revolutionise customer experience," said Chaitanya Chokkareddy, chief product officer at Ozonetel.

Ozonetel said the current release includes automated quality audits for contact centres, agent-facing conversational intelligence, intelligent neural search and voice and chatbots. 

According to the company, ChatGPT-enabled automated quality audits will help eliminate random sampling and manual errors, allowing for better monitoring of calls, and enable real-time evaluation of agent performance. Conversational intelligence—gathered from customer interactions—will provide agents with actionable advice, suggestions and real-time information on customer sentiment and intent. 

ChatGPT-enabled neural search will allow contact centres to build intelligent knowledge repositories surpassing traditional keyword search, Ozonetel said. Chat and voice bots enabled by ChatGPT will aid conversations with customers, and repetitive tasks and common customer queries can be efficiently automated at scale.