BQPortfolio: How Brinda Thaker’s Love For Dogs Is A Great Business Opportunity

Dog trainer Brinda Thaker wants to expand her business. Here’s how she can do it... 

(Source: BloombergQuint)
(Source: BloombergQuint)

Brinda Thaker trains dogs and bakes treats for them. She’s now planning to take her business to the next level.

While Thaker knows that her budding business has tremendous potential, her own potential to save has remained largely unfulfilled. She’s, however, determined to work on both.

The primary objective of the 29-year-old is to expand her business, and to this end, she’d like to start a kitchen to bake more pet treats. She estimates that she’ll need around Rs 12 lakh by 2026. She also wants to make a trip to Austria in a couple of years and expects that this will cost Rs 5 lakh.

So far, Thaker has delegated the responsibility of personal finance to her father.

“It’s important for young individuals, particularly women, to take charge of their own finances,” registered investment advisor Mrin Agarwal said. Priorities and even risk profiles change dramatically from person to person, she said on BloombergQuint’s special show Portfolio. In this episode, Agarwal advised Thaker on how to save to meet both her goals.

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