Argentina to File Case Against Venezuela at Hague, Macri Says

Argentina to file a case in the ICOJ to investigate Venezuela’s crimes against humanity amidst steeping isolation of Venezuela.

(Bloomberg) -- Argentina plans to ask the International Criminal Court to investigate Venezuela’s government for crimes against humanity, as other nations in the region step up efforts to isolate Venezuela.

Argentina is working with Chile, Paraguay and Colombia on the request and may file something before the court in the coming weeks, President Mauricio Macri told CNN in an interview that aired Sunday.

Argentina to File Case Against Venezuela at Hague, Macri Says

“There is no doubt that human rights have been violated. There is more consensus each day that we need to take stronger action,” Macri said. President Nicolas Maduro "has not changed. I am not optimistic about what will happen in Venezuela in the short term.”

Macri also said chances were low that an attack carried out near Maduro as he spoke at an Aug. 4 military parade was an attempt on the leader’s life.

Maduro cracked down on opposition members last week after blaming political opponents and neighboring Colombia for explosions at a Caracas military parade. Maduro called the incident an attempt to kill him and usher in change in Venezuela, the world’s largest holder of oil reserves.

The U.S. has placed a series of sanctions on government officials as it seeks to cut off the supply of money to those around Maduro. More than a million people have fled Venezuela in the past year as food shortages worsen, with inflation set to hit 1 million percent and the economy sinking deeper into a recession.

Maduro announced last week dramatic economic measures, including a 95 percent devaluation of the bolivar.

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