PNB Housing Finance Q2 Profit Rises, Mahindra Logistics Incurs Net Loss — Earnings Wrap

Here are the major quarterly results announced after market hours on Monday.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Mahindra Logistics Ltd. (Source: Company website)</p></div>
Mahindra Logistics Ltd. (Source: Company website)

PNB Housing Finance Ltd.'s profit rose in the second quarter of fiscal 2024 on account of an increase in interest income and a significant improvement in asset quality.

Standalone net profit increased 46% year-on-year in the quarter ended September to Rs 384.40 crore, as compared with Rs 263 crore in the same quarter last year, according to a regulatory filing issued on Monday.

In the quarter ended June, the net profit of PNB Housing Finance stood at Rs 347 crore.

Mahindra Logistics Ltd.'s revenue rose 2.89% to Rs 1,364.76 crore year-on-year.

The company incurred a net loss of Rs 15.93 crore as against a profit of Rs 12.19 crore over the same period last year. Ebitda fell 20.75% to Rs 53.57 crore.

Here are the major quarterly results announced after market hours on Monday:

 Mahindra Logistics Q2 FY24 (Consolidated, YoY)

  • Revenue is up 2.89% at Rs 1,364.76 crore vs. Rs 1,326.33 crore.

  • Ebitda is down 20.75% at Rs 53.57 crore vs. Rs 67.58 crore.

  • Margin at 3.92% vs. 5.09%

  • Net loss of Rs 15.93 crore vs. profit of Rs 12.19 crore

PNB Housing Q2 FY24 (Standalone, YoY)

  • Total income is up 5.75% at Rs 1,767.81 crore vs. Rs 1,671.56 crore.

  • Net profit rises 46.2% to Rs 384.4 crore vs. Rs 262.91 crore.

Lloyds Metal and Energy Q2 FY24 (Consolidated, YoY)

  • Revenue is up 61.97% at Rs 1,091.31 crore vs. Rs 673.76 crore.

  • Ebitda is up 82.45% at Rs 286.31 crore vs. Rs 156.92 crore.

  • Margin at 26.23% vs. 23.29%

  • Net profit is up 62.04% at Rs 231.25 crore vs. Rs 142.71 crore.

 Alok Industries Q2 FY24 (Consolidated, YoY)

  • Revenue is down 20% to Rs 1,359.02 crore vs. Rs 1,698.58 crore.

  • Ebitda at Rs 35.94 crore vs. Ebitda loss of Rs 11.25 crore

  • Net loss of Rs 174.83 crore vs. loss of Rs 191.5 crore

Torrent Pharmaceuticals Q2 FY24 (Consolidated, YoY)

  • Revenue is up 16.1% at Rs 2,660 crore vs. Rs 2,291 crore.

  • Ebitda rises 21.5% to Rs 825 crore vs. Rs 679 crore.

  • Margin at 31.01% vs. 29.63%

  • Net profit is up 23.71% at Rs 386 crore vs. Rs 312 crore.

Kewal Kiran Clothing Q2 FY24 (Consolidated, YoY)

  • Revenue is up 15.96% at Rs 262.48 crore vs. Rs 226.34 crore.

  • Ebitda is up 23.43% at Rs 61.73 crore vs. Rs 50.01 crore.

  • Margin at 23.51% vs. 22.09%

  • Net profit is up 27.04% at Rs 49.66 crore vs. Rs 39.09 crore.

PNB Housing Finance Q2 Results: Net Profit Up 46% On Improved Asset Quality