Children Under 12 To Be Seated With Parents: Aviation Regulator Tells Airlines

The DGCA's modifications aim to enhance passenger experience and ensure family members are seated together during air travel.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Inside a Vistara Airline plane.(Source: <a href="">Praveen Thirumurugan</a>/Unsplash)</p></div>
Inside a Vistara Airline plane.(Source: Praveen Thirumurugan/Unsplash)

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has amended air travel regulations to address cases where children under 12 were not seated with their parents or guardians during flights. Under the revised Air Transport Circular (ATC)-01 of 2024, airlines are now required to ensure that children up to 12 years old are seated with at least one parent or guardian listed on the same booking.

Furthermore, the DGCA has instructed airlines to maintain records of these seating arrangements. This advisory follows several reported incidents that came to the attention of the aviation watchdog, highlighting the importance of ensuring family seating on flights.

In addition to this child seating provision, the updated circular allows airlines to offer optional services like zero baggage, preferential seating, and meals/snacks/drinks for a fee. These services are offered on an "opt-in" basis and are not mandatory.