Vijay Kedia's Top Small-Cap Bets In The Current Market

Kedia says he has invested in manufacturing and infrastructure sectors as India's capex cycle has 'already begun'.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Vijay Kedia. (Photo: BQ Prime)</p></div>
Vijay Kedia. (Photo: BQ Prime)

Vijay Kedia has chosen to further diversify his portfolio during the current market rally.

He observes specific stocks two to 14 years, and then invests in them at an inflection point, Kedia, founder of Kedia Securities Pvt., told BQ Prime's Niraj Shah in an interview. Also, unless he holds at least a percent of the stake in a company, he doesn't hold on to shares for a long time.

While he is interested new-age tech, defence and green hydrogen, Kedia hasn't invested in these sectors and still watching.

"There are too many ideas to explore, but limited capital," he said. "I have not invested in new-age sectors yet. "They are on my radar because one must stay invested in a sunrise sector and stay away from a sunset sector".

The capital-expenditure cycle in India had already begun and so he has invested in the manufacturing and infrastructure.

Kedia is bullish on both the public-sector units and banks. "Bank shares are, although, slow movers."

He likes to buy mid and small caps because the illiquidity in these stocks makes investors hold on to them for a longer time.

With Tata Group now having the backbone of Tejas Networks Ltd. and Repro India Ltd.'s underlying story remaining intact, Kedia said he would be staying invested in both of them for some more time.

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