SJVN Signs MoU With IIT-Patna To Develop Advanced Geological Model For Its Tunnelling Projects

SJVN has partnered with IIT-Patna to create an advanced geological model for its tunnelling projects.

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(Source: Unsplash)

The Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam has signed an agreement with the Indian Institute of Technology IIT-Patna to develop an advanced geological model for its tunnelling projects, according to a statement issued here on Tuesday.

The memorandum of understanding was signed in the presence of SJVN Director (Finance) A K Singh and Director IIT-Patna T N Singh, it said.

SJVN chairperson and managing director Geeta Kapur said this collaboration aims to pioneer advanced geological models, significantly reducing time and cost overruns in SJVN's tunnelling projects.

The primary focus of the MoU is to develop cutting-edge methodologies to integrate diverse geotechnical data sources. These include geological surveys, borehole data, geophysical measurements and monitoring data from SJVN projects, the statement said.

By harnessing integrated geotechnical data and 3D geological models, SJVN and IIT-Patna aim to identify and analyse potential risks and hazards, it said.

One of the key outcomes of this partnership will be the development of predictive analytics algorithms. These algorithms, leveraging integrated geotechnical data, will forecast potential risks and provide early warning systems specifically tailored for tunnelling projects, the statement said.