New Toyota Innova Zenix (Hycross) Unveiled; Check Out The Video Now - India Debut On 25th November

Popular carmaker Toyota has finally unveiled the highly anticipated Toyota Innova Hycross MPV recently. Read on to know more

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Source: Toyota Promo video for HyCross</p></div>
Source: Toyota Promo video for HyCross

Toyota, the highly popular Japanese carmaker recently unveiled the upcoming Hycross MPV for the first time in Indonesia as ‘Toyota Innova Zenix’. As per reports, the car is set to be launched in India in just a few days’ time on November 25, 2022. As per the information revealed by the carmaker, Toyota will be offering the Innova Hycross under two different powertrain options. One of the powertrain options also includes a strong hybrid, as was predicted earlier by many automobile publications. Reportedly, the new Innova Hycross is much bigger in size than the Toyota Innova models that are currently offered in India.

About Toyota Hycross

The new Toyota Hycross model that was introduced in Indonesia reportedly has 4755 mm in length, 1850  mm in width, 1795 in height and a wheelbase of 2850 mm. As per reports, the new Innova Hycross is based on a new type of monocoque chassis made by Toyota, which is an improvement from the ladder frame chassis used by previous generation Innova models and the new chassis will help in improving balance, ride quality and handling. The hybrid technology that has been deployed in the Hycross is reportedly the same as the technology which is used In the Toyota Prius. As for the car’s specifications, the new Hycross EV produces 152 PS of power and 188 Nm of peak torque. Both the petrol and the electric engines in this car are equipped with CVT transmission units. The hybrid model of the Innova Hycross comes with different driving modes, which are Eco, Normal, Power and EV modes.

Toyota Innova Hycross: Looks and Features

While the Innova Hycross is technically an MPV, it sports a look that is more akin in style to a classic SUV and some have compared the look of this car to that of the MG Hector SUV. The company has made the grill bigger than the previous Innova giving it a more distinct look. The Hycross also has powerful LED headlights and LED DRL light bars. The bumper on the front has also been updated in design with air vents added on each side. One of the major changes that differentiate the Innova Hycross from its predecessors is the inclusion of a sloping roofline for the car, which only adds to its SUV-like look. The Hycross has large wheel arches on both sides and comes with 18-inch allow wheels. On the rear end of the car, it is reported that LED tail lights are installed. 

As for the features, the Innova Hycross will come with a large screen which will serve as an entertainment and information system that can be connected to users' smartphones or tablets. Buyers can also customise the Hycross car to have individual entertainment screens for rear passengers. The car also comes with climate control which is housed on the central console that also has other features. The interiors have also been updated to contain new upholstery and chrome accents on the dashboard. Moreover, the Hycross also offers a panoramic sunroof, which is very rarely seen in SUVs. The starting price of the upcoming Hycross is expected to be around ₹20 lakh.

Check out the All New Innova Zenix Below