HP Gaming PC Sales In India More Than Doubles To 2.85 Lakh In FY23

HP Inc's gaming PC sales in India have more than doubled to 2.85 lakh in FY23, according to industry sources.

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(Source: HP India)

The sale of HP Inc gaming PCs in India has more than doubled to 2.85 lakh over two years ending March 31, 2023 even though business remained almost flat in 2022-23, according to industry sources.

The company has recorded sales of 1.31 lakh gaming personal computers in FY21, and more than doubled to 2.82 lakh in FY22.

HP India did not the reveal the actual data but said the company continues to see growth in gaming PC sales even in this fiscal year.

"The contribution of gaming even for HP in our overall portfolio has been suddenly rising in the last 2-3 years. It rises even this year as we speak."

"The shares that we have in the market -- not only in the overall market but within the gaming sub-segment -- are also industry leading and we have actually grown very fast on that front also in the last few quarters," HP India, Senior Director, Consumer Sales, Vineet Gehani, told PTI.

He was speaking on the sidelines of the launch of HP Omen Transcend 14 series for gaming and content creation.

The new PC series comes in-built with NVIDIA graphics processing unit, Intel Core Ultra processors and a Neural Processing Unit at a starting price of Rs 1,74,999 a unit.

Gehani said the contribution of gaming to the overall industry has also been increasing in terms of PC adoption.

"Transition of gamers from smaller formats, like the mobile phones or the console, is also getting accelerated," he said.

Gehani said gaming is now becoming a full-time profession and therefore its faster adoption is fuelling the drive to bring better devices every year.