Domestic Air Traffic May Touch 153.4 Million In 2023-24: CAPA India

Domestic air traffic in India is projected to reach 153.4 million passengers in 2023-24, according to CAPA India.

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Gray passenger plane in mid air. (Source: Artturi Jalli/ Unsplash)

Domestic air passenger traffic is estimated at 153.4 million in 2023-24, according to aviation consultancy CAPA India.

In October last year, it had revised the 2023-24 estimate to 155 million from the projection of more than 160 million domestic air passenger traffic in March 2023.

For international traffic, the consultancy had pegged the figure at 70 million in October 2023, lower than 72-74 million estimate made in March last year.

"Domestic traffic reached an estimated 153.4 mn pax... international traffic reached an estimated 69.7 mn pax," CAPA said in an update for 2023-24.

India is one of the fastest growing civil aviation markets in the world.